This is a section where we keep the models with which we started to work and create new ideas. It could be said that it is a trunk of memories, a nostalgic review of the origins of 11130 Estudio. The works are supported and endorsed by the Brother Barcelona school of creatives and by institutions such as Laus or Drac Novell.


The first clothing collection of the future supported by haute couture firms that considers the current masks as the icon of the collection to make people aware that a future full of pollution, biological agents and
a lack of clean air awaits us.
The idea is that major brands would design a symbolic collection for the Fashion Weeks catwalks that feature customized masks to convey that if we continue down this path, they will be our new main piece of clothing.

Gold in art direction at Brother Push the Power 2017.


Land Rovers were always cars for adventurers, but they have become city cars although they are still adapted for extreme environments.

This idea consists of creating Land Rover delivery points or dealerships in remote locations around the world, so that, when you buy your new car, you have the option of picking it up from that place, where you would arrive through a trip prepared by the company, so that you can live the Land Rover experience from the first minute.
The story is told from the point of view of a hermit who watches one of the adventurers go by to pick up the Land Rover from him.

Winner of a Gold Laus and Brother Push the Power in 2017.


This idea responds to the Young Lions 2017 brief. From the festival, Pantone asked us to find a way to reimagine the colors of our environment. This is where Pantone Kaleidoscope was born, an interactive app that recognizes the average color of our environment, through a video collected by the user, in which all colors are averaged creating a digital kaleidoscope, which is shared on networks. By collecting these average colors, we would create pantone screens that would change color according to the data obtained from the users who use the application, in this way, we could see what color each city is in real time.


We create a permeable label that allows your CarlsBergs to cool down in a matter of minutes. Because enjoying a Carlsberg many times is not planned.